2013-2014 Supplementary Tables

List of Supplementary Tables :

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

This table describes the agencydepartment’s sustainable development strategy, including the approach, management process and controls, targets, and green procurement training. It also outlines the results ofSWC’s strategic environmental assessment.

Green Procurement Targets

Strategies and/or Comments

  1. Approach: SWC continued to use the procurement standards of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and the delivery of training to key personnel.
  2. Management Processes and Controls: SWC used PWGSC procurement instruments when purchasing mandatory commodities and used standing offers/supply arrangements as its primary mechanism when available. This allowed the agency to leverage the environmental considerations incorporated into these standing offers and supply arrangements. When purchasing goods, the agency continued its efforts to increase by 5% the use of PWGSC consolidated procurement instruments, where available.
  3. Specific Targets: A 5% increase in the use of PWGSC consolidated procurement instruments.
  4. Green Procurement Training: As required by SWC, new staff (1) with procurement and materiel management responsibilities took the CSPS Course (C215). As well, SWC continued to require staff responsible for procurement to take CSPS Course C215.
  5. Performance Evaluations: N/A
  6. Progress Status: N/A
1. Strategic Environmental Assessment
During 2013–14 reporting cycle, SWC considered the environmental effects of initiatives subject to the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals, as part of its decision–making processes. Through the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process, the agency’s proposals were found to have no negative efforts on the 2013–16 FSDS goals and targets.