2013-2014 Supplementary Tables

List of Supplementary Tables :

Details on Transfer Payment Programs

Name of transfer payment program: Women’s Program – Grants and Contributions to women’s and other organizations for the purpose of furthering women’s participation in Canadian society (Voted)

Start date: 1973

End date: Ongoing

Description: The Women’s Program supports action and innovation by investing in initiatives that work to bring about equality between women and men. The Program provides grant and contribution funding to Canadian organizations to support community-based action by carrying out projects that will lead to equality in communities across Canada. The Program also facilitates collaboration and networking, develops partnerships where needed to address horizontal issues impacting women and girls, shares knowledge and assists organizations working to advance women’s equality to gain access to expertise, resources and tools.

Strategic outcome: Equality between women and men is promoted and advanced in Canada

Results achieved: Refer to Section II for information on program performance and results achieved.

This table describes the Women’s Program’s actual spending for the years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14. It also shows its planned spending and total authorities for 2013-14. The variance is reported in the final column. The rows indicate the total grants, total contributions, total other types of transfer payments and total program spending for each of the years indicated.

Program: Women’s Program
  2011–12 Actual
2012–13 Actual
2013–14 Planned
2013–14 Total
2013–14 Actual
Total program 18,285 18,887 19,033 19,033 19,033 0
Total grants 14,750 14,750 14,750 14,750 14,302 0,448
Total contributions 3,535 4,137 4,283 4,283 4,731 -0,448
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0 0 0

16. Comments on variances: N/A

Audits completed or planned: N/A

Evaluations completed or planned: 2016–2017

Engagement of applicants and recipients:

SWC began implementation of its knowledge management and dissemination strategy to multiply the impact of our investments by creating communities of practice to share knowledge. In 2013-14, the Women’s Program began offering sessions to allow funded recipients and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge and expertise. Several information sessions were provided for calls for proposals launched in 2013–2014 to help potential applicants better understand how to articulate their results, outcomes, budgets, etc. The participation rate was high and quality applications were received.

SWC developed and launched an online automated application for recipients and assessment tool for reviewers. The Program conducted a survey with applicants to receive their feedback on the new online system. Overall, applicants found the system to be user friendly, but suggested some areas for improvement, which have since been implemented.