2013-2014 Supplementary Tables

List of Supplementary Tables :

User Fees Reporting

User Fees and Regulatory Charges (User Fees Act)

  1. User fee: Fees charged for the processing of requests filed under the Access to Information Act (AIA)
  2. Fee type: Other products and services (O)
  3. Fee–setting authority: Access to Information Act
  4. Year last modified: 1992
  5. Performance standards: A response is to be provided within 30 days following receipt of a request. The response time may be extended pursuant to Section 9 of the AIA. Notice of extension is to be provided within 30 days after receipt of the request.
  6. Performance results: In 2013-14, SWC completed a total of 68 requests, of which 65 were received during the reporting year while three were carried over from the previous year.
    • 86.8% were completed in 30 days or under
    • 4.4% were completed in 31 to 60 days
    • 4.4% were completed in 61 to 120 days
    • 4.4% were completed in 121 days or over.

This table reports on user fees collected by SWC, including the forecast revenue, actual revenue and the full cost for 2013-14. It also provides forecast revenue and estimated full costs for fiscal years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.

7. ($ units)
11. Planning years
7. ($ units)
8. Forecast revenue 9. Actual revenue 10. Full cost Fiscal year 12. Forecast revenue 13. Estimated full cost
300 100 169,484 2014–15 300 195,000
2015–16 300 195,000
2016–17 300 195,000

14. Other information:

Note: According to prevailing legal opinion, when the corresponding fee introduction or most recent modification occurred prior to March 31, 2004:

  • the performance standard, if provided, would not have received parliamentary review; and
  • the performance standard, if provided, may not respect all established requirements under the User Fees Act (e.g., international comparison or independent complaint address); and
  • the performance result, if provided, is not legally subject to section 5.1 of the User Fees Act regarding fee reductions for unachieved performance.]