Details on Transfer Payment Programs of $5 Million or More

Name of transfer payment program Women’s Program (Voted)
Start date 1973
End date Ongoing
Fiscal year for terms and conditions 2012-2013
Strategic Outcome Equality between women and men is promoted and advanced in Canada
Link to department's Program Alignment Architecture Program 1.2: Advancing equality for women
Results achieved Refer to Section II for information on program performance and results achieved.
Description The Women’s Program provides grant and contribution funding to Canadian organizations to support community-based action by carrying out projects that will lead to equality in communities across Canada. The Program also facilitates collaboration and networking, develops partnerships where needed to address horizontal issues impacting women and girls, shares knowledge and assists organizations working to advance women’s equality.
Results achieved Refer to Section II of Departmental Performance Report (2014-15) for details.
Comments on variances N/A
Audits completed or planned N/A
Evaluations completed or planned Summative Evaluation of the Women’s Program (2016-17)
Engagement of applicants and recipients

The Women’s Program (WP) conducted several surveys to collect feedback from recipients and applicants on the online application tool, the format and content of the application form and the themes of the call. A survey was also sent to organizations that started, but did not complete, an application in order to have a better understanding of the barriers to applying. After each survey, the WP took action and corrective measures were put in place, as needed.

In 2014-15, the WP started to explore the possibility of developing and implementing an online external client engagement platform. The aim was to: 1) broker relationships among SWC external clients in order to facilitate partnerships, knowledge sharing and mentoring; 2) provide clients with relevant information; and 3) increase client input in program planning and design. The WP continued offering sessions for funded projects, allowing recipients of funding and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge and expertise.

Performance Information (dollars)
  2012–13 Actual
2013–14 Actual
2014–15 Planned
2014–15 Total
authorities available for use
2014–15 Actual
spending (authorities used)
Variance (2014–15 actual minus 2014–15 planned)
Total grants 14,750,000 14,301,705 14,750,000 14,750,000 14,573,055 -176,945
Total contributions 4,137,046 4,731,628 4,283,333 4,283,333 4,460,277 176,944
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total program 18,887,046 19,033,333 19,033,333 19,033,333 19,033,332 -1
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