Supplementary Tables

List of Supplementary Information Tables for the 2016–17 RPP

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Target 7.2 Green Procurement

As of April 1, 2014, the Government of Canada will continue to take action to embed environmental considerations into public procurement, in accordance with the federal Policy on Green Procurement.

Performance Measure
Expected Result
Environmentally responsible acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services..
Performance Indicator Targeted performance level
Departmental approach to further the implementation of the Policy on Green Procurement in place as of April 1, 2014. Yes
Number and percentage of procurement and/or materiel management specialists who completed the Canada School of Public Service Green Procurement course (C215) or equivalent, in fiscal year 2016–17. One - 100%
Number and percentage of managers and functional heads of procurement and materiel whose performance evaluation includes support and contribution toward green procurement, in fiscal year 2016–17. One – 100%

Details on Transfer Payment Programs of $5 Million or More

General Information

Name of transfer payment program Women’s Program (Voted)
Start date 1973
End date Ongoing
Type of transfer payment Grants and Contributions
Type of appropriation Appropriation annually through Estimates
Fiscal year for terms and conditions 2012-13
Strategic Outcome Equality between women and men is promoted and advanced in Canada
Link to department's Program Alignment Architecture Program 1.2: Advancing equality for women
Description The WP supports action and innovation by investing in initiatives that work to bring about equality between women and men. The Program provides grant and contribution funding to Canadian organizations to support community-based action through projects that will lead to equality in communities across Canada. The Program facilitates collaboration and networking, develops partnerships where needed to address horizontal issues impacting women and girls, shares knowledge and assists organizations working to advance women’s equality to gain access to expertise, resources and tools. The Program doesn’t have repayable contributions.
Expected results

Expected Result:

  • Women and communities have access to supports for addressing issues relating to equality between women and men

Performance Indicator:

  • •Percentage of projects that generate supports (e.g. resources, tools)

Expected Result:

  • Communities and stakeholders have access to opportunities to advance equality between women and men

Performance Indicator:

  • Percentage of projects that facilitate opportunities (e.g. partnerships, networks, strategies)
Fiscal year of last completed evaluation 2011-12
Decision following the results of last evaluation Continuation
Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation 2016-17
General targeted recipient groups Non-profit organizations
Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients SWC is continuing to implement its client engagement strategy. SWC continues to develop tools and supports to better connect applicants and recipients to facilitate partnerships and knowledge sharing. For example, promoting networking among different organizations that share a common goal by creating communities of practice to help ensure the success of their projects.

Planning Information (dollars)

2015-16 Forecast Spending 2016–17 Planned spending 2017–18 Planned spending 2018–19 Planned spending
Total program 18,285,000 20,630,000 20,580,000 19,930,000
Total grants 15,120,000 15,610,000 15,560,000 15,510,000
Total contributions 3,165,000 5,020,000 5,020,000 4,420,000

Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations Over the Next Three Fiscal Years

[A.] Internal audits
Title of internal audit Internal audit type Status Expected Completion Date
Horizontal Internal Audit of Business Continuity Planning in Large and Small Departments
  • Security management
  • Information Technology
In Progress 2016-17 (Q3)
Horizontal Internal Audit of Information Management in Large and Small Departments
  • Information Management
  • Information Technology
In Progress 2016-17 (Q1)
Horizontal Internal Audit of Information Technology Security in Large and Small Departments – Phase II
  • Security Management
  • Information Technology
Planning Phase 2018-19 (Q1)
Horizontal Internal Audit of Costing of information for decision making in Large and Small Departments
  • Financial Management and Control
Planning Phase 2017-18 (Q3)
Horizontal Internal Audit of Costing of physical security in Large and Small Departments
  • Security Management
Planning Phase 2018-19 (Q1)
[B.] Evaluation
Link to Departmental Program Alignment Architecture Title of the Evaluation Planned Evaluation Start Date Planned Deputy Head Approval Date
Program 1.2 Advancing Equality for Women Summative evaluation of the Women’s Program November 2015 November 2016
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