Description of Graphic - Strategic Outcome and Program Alignment Architecture

This chart illustrates SWC’s Program Alignment Architecture.

The Architecture consists of four levels:

  • The top level is SWC’s strategic outcome: Equality for women and their full participation in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada
  • At the second level, two programs are seen to feed upward into the strategic outcome:
    • Program 1.1: Strategic policy analysis, planning and development
    • Program 1.2: Women’s participation in Canadian society
  • At the third level, two sub-programs are seen to feed upward into Program Activity 1.2: Women’s participation in Canadian society:
    • Sub-program 1.2.1: Supporting women’s empowerment
    • Sub-program 1.2.2: Building strategic partnerships
  • At the bottom level, Program 1.3: Internal Services underlies and supports the programs and sub-programs that implement the strategic outcome.

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