Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Travel Expense
For: Ambrose, Rona, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women
Purpose: Announcements: Government of Canada Empowers Vancouver Women to "Lead the Way", Government of Canada Supports Immigrant and New Canadian Women in Vancouver. Round table for immigrant women and a visit to a F35 Aircraft company
Start Date: 2010-08-30
End Date: 2010-09-07
Destination(s):Calgary, Alberta - Vancouver, British-Columbia
Air Fare: $4,155.37
Other Transportation: $39.90
Accommodation: $517.35
Meals and incidentals: $268.80
Other: $69.20
TOTAL: $5,050.62

Comment: added on December 31, 2010

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes.