Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Relais-Femmes
Location: Montréal, Québec
Date: 2010-03-15
Value: $201,228.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: This project will use three approaches to help three categories of women to pursue their progress towards financial security despite the economic crisis, by supporting their ability to take action. 1) The first component is for low earners approaching retirement. The development of a survival guide and 12 regional workshops will help 240 of these women develop strategies and tangible ways to avoid slipping under the poverty line after they retire. 2) The second component will help 12 female entrepreneurs to work together to define and build the conditions for the sustainability of collective entrepreneurial projects: eight of them will go through a process of guidance, and five will successfully complete their project consolidation or development phase. 3) The third component will focus on succession in women’s groups: 10 seminars will give 120 women (young, immigrant or aged 45 or over) access to jobs with community groups. By the end of the project, 30 of these women will have been hired.
Comments: Multi-year project of 36 months