Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Women's Congress 2011
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Date: 2010-03-22
Value: $9,340.00
Type: Contribution
Purpose: This 36 month project will span the three years preceding the Women's Worlds Forum. The ultimate outcome will be the creation of an inclusive and democratic virtual network of women who will work towards hosting a unique Forum that represents the diversity of Canadian women. Acting through 6 regional networks, 100 participants will raise awareness of the Forum, its themes and create a medium through which Canadian women can participate in Forum planning and delivery. Emphasis will be placed on outreach into the Aboriginal, Francophone and immigrant women’s communities as well as to those women who are isolated and disenfranchised. Over 150 women from marginalized communities will receive training in transferable leadership skills. 500 organizations will be invited to participate in the virtual network. The network will be sustainable and continue to seek workable solutions to gender inequality following the Forum. Participants will create collaborative relationships between women academics, civil society, professional and business women, and women working in the corporate and public sector to address gender equality issues in their social, economic and democratic lives. AMENDMENT:Additional funding in the amount of $9,340 has been requested from Status of Women Canada to support this organization’s attendance and participation at the United Nations Standing Committee on the Status of Women.
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