Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Womanspace Resource Centre
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Date: 2008-03-03
Value: $155,428.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: This project aims to equip up to 75 disadvantaged women in Lethbridge and in one rural community close to Lethbridge, with the financial skills, knowledge and services which they currently lack, and which often keeps them in abusive situations and living in poverty. Setting up identification clinics for birth certificates, health care cards and social insurance numbers will be the necessary precursor to helping women set up bank accounts. Bank accounts will provide alternatives to cheque cashing services and their exorbitant interest charges. The women (working poor, seniors, those who depend on government programs) will be involved in the planning of information sessions on many financial topics. Topics will include debt, (including student loan debt), budgeting, use of credit and lines of credit, saving money, and the importance of filing income tax every year, along with income tax preparation clinics. The emotions around money will be explored and financial counselling offered. The women will open RESP accounts for their children by accessing the Canada Learning Bond and the Alberta equivalent. On-line and print resources will be developed for the women and also made available to other communities. This will empower women to take control of their own financial lives and equip them to make the transition from poverty.