Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Peel Fountain of Wisdom for Senior Services
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Date: 2008-03-03
Value: $52,106.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: The project promotes leadership and improved health in senior women who are part of racial minority groups in the Region of Peel. The project will address the diverse health and well-being needs of these senior women using cultural, age and gender-based analysis. Through information sharing, senior women will identify priorities, make recommendations, address barriers in the health care system and learn leadership skills to actively manage their emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical well-being. Community health workshops, leadership seminars and focus groups will enable senior women to gain knowledge, develop active living action plans, and share their experiences with the service providers. Mentors or ''buddy systems'' will be developed to provide post project support when interacting with health services. A compilation of resources and participant observations will be shared with service providers and policy makers within the community.