Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Spring Tide Resources
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 2008-03-03
Value: $189,705.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: This 36-month project will assist newcomer communities in creating, implementing and sustaining culturally appropriate community-based responses to violence against women. This project will address domestic violence in a way that is culturally specific to newcomer, immigrant and refugee communities. Community leaders will work with peer educators within their communities to implement culturally specific response models to domestic violence built by, and for, newcomer women. Five response models will be implemented and tested in immigrant, refugee and newcomer communities. Over 500 community members will benefit from this response to domestic violence including women, men, children, faith leaders and service providers. The Project Report will be distributed to service providers across the Greater Toronto Area for use in their own organizations. All response models will be implemented with the goal of creating community sustainability.
Comments: Multi-year project of 3 years (2008-2010).