Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Association YWCA de Québec
Location: Quebec, Quebec
Date: 2007-11-02
Value: $54,536.00
Type: Contribution
Purpose: As a major project in the 400th anniversary of Quebec City in 2008, and as the only project concerning women of this nationwide and international event, Empeintes d’elles will plan and facilitate nine intergenerational meetings that will take place once a month during 2008. These meetings will promote the contribution of women in key sectors of the economy of Quebec City. Each original meeting will revolve around the following themes: business, art and culture, legal, education, health, sciences and sports. Each one of these gatherings will take place in a meaningful and stategic location and will welcome 200 people, men and women, and highlight the actions of women who have influenced society and continue to inspire it. Once it will have reached its goal, Empreintes d’elles will have gathered more than 2,000 people and created various positive spin-offs that will allow to maintain the business intelligence needed for learning retention, updated the messages regarding the necessity of women’s economic independence, contributed to the assertion of feminine leadership and to the eradication of violence. At least 17 partners, among which the Chambre de commerce de Québec, the National Assembly of Quebec and the Ordre régional des infirmiers et infirmières, will have invested expertise and know-how. In addition, some 100 women, of which 10 ex-homeless women, will have participated in organizing the meetings, thus improving their knowledge and skills. Lastly, the accomplishments of 400 women will have been highlighted and 2,000 people will have been made aware of the importance of women in social development. Let us emphasize that SWC’s financial contribution will, among other things, allow for free entrance fees for all activities planned by Empreintes d’elles.