Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Date: 2007-07-10
Value: $100,000.00
Type: Contribution
Purpose: The Economic Self-Sufficiency of Inuit Women project aims to build the skill-set and knowledge of Inuit women, and encourage relationships with successful business women and community business resources. Participants will identify their capacities and the tools to assess their business ideas and make it a reality. Business training in areas such as financial planning, cash flow management, invoicing, and financial reporting will be provided. Workshops will be offered in English and Inuktitut and facilitators will be assisted by regional co-facilitators to ensure follow-up and local support. The project will take place in Nunatsiavut (Newfoundland and Labrador); Inuvialuit (North West Territories); and the Baffin region of Nunavut; these levels of government as well as private sector institutions will be requested to support the women’s business endeavours. Local officials will join the second stage negotiations and have indicated their interest in being involved in the partnership.