Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Date: 2006-09-22
Value: $30,000.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: In 2006, a special Parliamentary Commission was struck in order to hold public consultations (from January to March 2006) on a draft election reform bill. The consultations were characterized by very strong participation by women (125 briefs, or 34.5% of all briefs presented, were presented by women's organizations). In fact, according to a number of grassroots organizations, the draft bill was flawed. Women's organizations found the report on the consultations highly disappointing because it ignored many of their claims. This particular group considered that it would be appropriate to continue its work, and submitted a further phase of its project to Status of Women Canada. The purposes of this phase (Phase Three) are: to continue the group's previous work on awareness, information and political education; and to do more to mobilize women and women's organizations, in order to ensure that eventual election reform reflects five major democratic concerns expressed by the women's movement in this debate: (1) reflection, as faithfully as possible, of the will of the people; (2) respect for the policy on pluralism; (3) acknowledgement of the importance of Quebec's regions to its economy; (4) equal gender representation; and (5) embodiment of Quebec’s diversity.