Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

2008-2009 - 1st Quarter

Please select the vendor name for contract details.

DateVendor NameDescriptionValue
2008-04-01Altis Human Resources (Ottawa) Inc./Altis SPR0813 Temporary help services$31,395.00
2008-04-031092009 Ontario Inc. / Personnel Force/Tech Force0813 Temporary help services$26,449.43
2008-04-23Quantum Management0813 Temporary help services$10,530.00
2008-04-23Softchoice Corporation0670 Equipment - Hardware & Software$11,523.75
2008-04-30Ian Martin0491 Management Consulting$15,900.00
2008-05-05Donna Nixon0401 Accounting and Audit Services$20,580.00
2008-05-14Barbara Personnel Inc./Barbara0813 Temporary help services$15,157.17
2008-05-23Longo & Associates Ltd.0491 Management Consulting$15,247.50
2008-05-27CNW Group0351 Communications professional services not specified elsewhere$25,725.00
2008-06-161019837 Ontario Inc. o/a Dynamic Personnel Consultants/Dynamic Personnel0813 Temporary help services$12,720.00

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes