Women's Program Funding in Action
Women’s Support Network of York Region

Newmarket, Ontario

Preventing and Reducing the Trafficking of Women and Girls through Community Planning

Three women

A recent project in York Region worked to address the devastating effects of human trafficking on vulnerable women and girls. Working with public safety officials and local service providers, the Women’s Support Network (WSN) built partnerships and collaborated with community stakeholders to identify and respond to the specific needs of women and girls who are at risk or are victims of trafficking while improving gaps in service coordination. Over two years, they established a Human Trafficking Program and numerous new tools and resources that lend themselves to use both within the region and beyond. Their highly effective referral protocol was quickly adopted by local service providers. The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police recognized the project with the esteemed Victim Assistance Committee Award.

“II learned so much from the training sessions! I feel more confident now and am able to identify potentially violent situations and either prevent or avoid them.”

(project participant)
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