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Building the Field of Teen Healthy Relationship and Violence Prevention Programs across Canada

Young people in boardroom

A national project that drew widely on current research and grassroots efforts to promote healthy relationships among young people has wrapped up and the results are promising. The Canadian Women’s Foundation brought young people together with representatives of a healthy relationships program to share best practices and insights gained over the past five years. The results were shared with 100 partner organizations and the thousands of youth served by them. A youth advisory council was also formed to assist in all phases of a national meeting on preventing gender-based violence among young people. The council collaborated on a national learning strategy that addressed topics including the role of social media, sexuality and diversity, and how organizations can build strength to promote healthy teen relationships.

“The youth advisory committee was such a great opportunity, and I benefited so much from it! I would absolutely love to continue working with Canadian Women’s Foundation in any way I can!”

(Youth Advisory Council member)

“I have been energized to work at building stronger alliances, partnerships and networks. I found that we were working in silos and that many stakeholders were unaware of what was happening within our own community.”

(Adult participant)
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