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Concertation des luttes contre l’exploitation sexuelle

Montreal, Quebec

Impliquer les jeunes dans la prévention de la violence faite aux femmes et aux filles [Engaging Youth in Preventing Violence against Women and Girls] in Quebec

Youth project participants

A dedicated group in Montréal has succeeded in engaging youth from minority communities in some of the city’s most under-privileged areas in a series of activities to prevent violence against women and girls. The two-year project called upon the youth themselves to identify the causes of violence in the lives of girls and young women in their communities. The organization then worked with the young people to expand their knowledge of these issues and to develop the leadership skills necessary to deliver youth-led anti-violence projects within their communities. These new approaches are being shared with organizations across the country, helping to finally break cycles of violence that may have persisted for generations.

“This project helped everyone involved to better understand the reality of girls experiencing sexual exploitation. We shared with the young women the achievements of feminism and encouraged them to continue the fight. They inspired us and we served as a bridge for them to become actors of social change.”

Diane Matte, Executive Director
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