Women's Program Funding in Action
Kent Centre for the Prevention of Violence

Saint-Anne-de-Kent, NB

Improving Access to Transition Services for Women who have been Abused

Two women holding documentation

An ambitious three-year project in New Brunswick took on the challenge of improving access to transition services for abuse survivors in rural communities and small urban centres. The Kent Centre for the Prevention of Violence has succeeded in overcoming some of the institutional barriers and long-standing challenges to their community's efforts to address violence against women and girls, including sexual assault. The project created new partnerships and strengthened co-operation among community stakeholders (women, governments, community agencies, service providers, etc.) to identify and address the needs of francophone, anglophone and Aboriginal women and girls transitioning from violence and vulnerability to safety and self-respect. The project resulted in the formulation of a long-term, sustainable community action plan modelled on the Kent region but flexible enough to be used in other parts of the country.

“Thanks to this project—Improving Access to Transition Services for Women who have been Abused—the province's safe houses now have a comprehensive resource enabling them to improve emergency shelter services. An important key to the success of this new model involves standardizing transition house policies and creating new intervention tools for professionals working with victims of abuse. One of the project's major strengths is its sustainability; even after several years, the project continues to grow and is still used daily.”

Angèle Losier R.S.W., General Director
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