Discussion Topics and Questions for Discussion

Discussion Topics

  • The King’s Daughters
  • The temperance movement (one of the first movements in which women could play a political role)
  • The suffragist movement
  • Women in nursing and medicine
  • Women in education
  • The Famous Five and the Persons Case
  • Women in the Labour Movement
  • Women in Canadian politics
  • The role of women in war time
  • The war brides of the Second World War
  • The evolving role of women in the workplace
  • Women in First Nations communities
  • Women in business
  • Women in rural and remote communities
  • Women in the military
  • Feminism
  • Women in sport

Questions for Discussion

  • Why is it important to recognize and explore women’s history?
  • Is women’s history separate from Canadian history?
  • Why is women’s history sometimes overlooked?
  • How have women influenced Canada’s political, social and economic life?
  • How would Canada be different if women never gained the right to vote? To sit in the Senate? What about the right to work or own property?
  • Who are some women that you admire?
  • What can we do today to honour the legacy of the Canadian women who have gone before?
  • What challenges remain for women today? How can understanding history help us to overcome them?
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