Learning Activities

How can you bring women’s history into the classroom? Explore the following activities with your students.

  • Invite a guest speaker from a museum, library or women’s organization to speak about the history of women in the community or about the achievements of a notable woman.
  • Organize a field trip to a local museum or historic site of significance to Canadian women.
  • Work together as a class to research an historical Canadian woman or issue (e.g. the suffragist movement) using a variety of sources (see our resource list).
  • Screen a video related to women’s history and initiate a class discussion about the issues explored. See the resource list for some options.
  • Have students write a short creative piece describing a day in the life of a woman during a selected period of Canada’s history (e.g. pre-confederation, depression era, WWII, etc.)
  • Ask students to prepare and present a skit exploring an important moment in Canadian women’s history.
  • Stage a mock debate like the one organized by Nellie McClung during the campaign for women’s suffrage. You may wish to update this concept by having students debate issues of modern significance, such as child care, parental leave and the wage gap.
  • Invite students to explore the profiles of extraordinary women on our website; ask them to write or present a short report on a girl who inspires them.
  • Ask students to prepare a visual art piece or collage depicting what women’s history month means to them.
  • Make students "school ambassadors" for Women’s History month; task them with telling their peers about this special day and the reasons for celebrating it (e.g. students could send an e-card [link] to their friends and family, make a short presentation to other classes, post on social media using the #WomenHistory hashtag, etc.)
  • Ask students to write an essay exploring one of the discussion topics
  • Ask students to choose a subject from the list of the discussion topics to research; have students present their findings to the class.
  • Ask students to prepare a short video that explores one of the discussion topics.
  • Ask students to start and/or participate in a social media campaign that promotes Women’s History Month; ask students to use social media to share thoughts or images (using the #WomenHistory hashtag) and to connect with others from across Canada in celebrating women’s history.
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