Why is International Day of the Girl important for teachers and their students?

Canadians – especially young Canadians – have the power to make a difference. Students can raise awareness among their peers, which can create positive changes in their own community and around the world.

Girl writing out mathematical equations on a blackboard.

The first step to creating change is to recognize and understand the issues.

Like all important commemorative dates, International Day of the Girl is a signal to pause, reflect, learn more and act.  All around the world, teachers and students mark this day by engaging in discussions about girls, their rights, and the challenges they face. By discussing International Day of the Girl with your students, you can open a dialogue about serious, yet often unexamined, issues that affect everyone in the community. It is an opportunity to expand your students' awareness of global issues and to instil in them a sense of agency by encouraging them to take actions to support girls both at home and abroad.

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