It Starts with One - Be Her Champion

About the Campaign

We can all make a difference in a woman’s career by being her champion.

Through the campaign It Starts with One – Be her Champion, the Government of Canada is reaching out to successful leaders in all fields to make a difference in a woman’s career by being her champion.

What is a champion?

We’ve all heard that having a mentor can be good for your career and the benefits of mentoring are well known. Studies show that mentoring women entrepreneurs allows them to develop at a faster pace and improve business survival rates. In fact, research suggests that 88% of entrepreneurs with mentors survive in business, compared to a 50% failure rate for those without a mentor. Mentoring helps women succeed by giving them the opportunity to learn from an experienced ally in a strictly confidential relationship, free of any conflicts of interest.

Champions take mentoring a step further. In addition to providing advice and support, champions stand up for their mentees, promote them in their networks and expose them to new opportunities.

Do you have knowledge and experience to share? Are you interested in helping a woman take her career or business to the next level? Join the movement! We're asking both men and women to make a commitment to champion at least one woman. It starts with one!

As a champion, you'll be guiding someone along the path to success

  • Inspire her to take her career or business to new heights.
  • Make a real difference in Canada's prosperity and economic development.
  • Be fulfilled in ways you never expected by paying it forward.

All of Canada benefits when women succeed

Women are critical to Canada’s economic success. They already represent nearly half our country’s workforce, and are leaders in every aspect of Canadian life. For example, women led businesses help create jobs and growth in communities across our country, contributing an estimated $148 billion to the Canadian economy and employing over 1.5 million Canadians.


Help women achieve more

Despite the gains women have made in the Canadian workforce, they remain under-represented in some fields, such as the skilled professional trades and technical professions. They are also less likely than men to hold positions in senior management and on corporate boards. By pledging to Be her Champion you are joining a growing movement to help women reach the highest levels of achievement, in every field and every sector of our economy.

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