Increasing Economic Prosperity for Women

Increasing Economic Prosperity for Women

We are no longer accepting applications for this call for proposals. The deadline for applications was October 17, 2014.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to solicit projects that promote women’s economic prosperity by addressing barriers to success and capitalizing on opportunities.   


Status of Women Canada (SWC) works to advance equality for women in Canada. To help achieve this goal, SWC, through the Women’s Program, provides funding for projects that respond to longstanding and emerging issues of concern to women and girls, and help create conditions for success for women in Canada. 

Project Elements

Elements to be developed by applicants:

  • Identify and choose the specific issue to be addressed by the proposed project (for example, responding to the needs of women business owners or addressing barriers related to the retention of women in the sciences and skilled trades);
  • Develop the approach and activities to be undertaken as part of the proposed project; and
  • Determine the results you plan to achieve.

All projects must work to advance equality between women and men in Canada.  Furthermore, working in partnership with women and community stakeholders is an essential element to success. In light of this, in addition to determining and developing the project elements mentioned above, applicants must also answer the following questions:  

  • How will addressing this issue contribute to increasing equality between women and men in Canada?
  • How will the project involve women most affected by the issue?
  • Who are the key decision makers and/or community leaders that will be actively engaged in your proposed project? How will they participate?

Ensuring that project results are sustainable is a key consideration. In order to have a lasting impact, policies or structures that may hinder your efforts need to be considered in your project design. 

  • How will your proposed project address the underlying factors that affect women’s economic prosperity? What are the economic, social or institutional barriers your project will work to overcome?
  • How will your proposed project continue to have an impact or legacy after SWC funding support concludes?

Funding Available/Duration

  Funding Available Duration
Projects at the local/regional level Up to $300,000 Up to 36 months
Projects at the national level Up to $500,000 Up to 36 months

Important Considerations

  • Projects should align with relevant, existing strategies or action plans to address the economic prosperity of women and work within that framework when identifying specific activities and/or approaches.
  • Projects proposing the following types of activities will not be considered under this call for proposals:
    • Delivering training (occupational or otherwise) to women, unless the training is to facilitate their participation in the project (e.g. facilitation skills);
    • Recruiting and/or awareness activities about employment opportunities (e.g. job fairs or mentoring activities that provide direct informal/personal mentorship to assist women with job readiness);
    • Recruitment and/or awareness activities related to entrepreneurial start-up or expansion opportunities. For example:
      • Directly assisting women to either establish new businesses or expand existing businesses through the development of business growth plans);
      • Directly providing financial literacy training to women to assist them in expanding existing businesses; and
      • Directly mentoring women business owners to either establish new businesses or expand existing businesses).
  • Please read the Eligibility Section in the Guidelines for additional criteria.

Project Deliverables (After Approval)

Month 4

  • Detailed work plan, performance measurement plan and other project documentation, as required.

Month 12

  • Progress reports, and other project documents, as required. 

Month 24

  • Progress reports, and other project documents, as required.

Month 36

  • Final report

Note: Performance reporting requirements and timelines will be determined after the proposed project has been approved.

Deadline: October 17, 2014